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Post by auron shinso on Fri Mar 23, 2012 9:48 pm

Hello, this is auron.

At this time, the new soul society is recruiting captains, lieutenants, and espada.

Don't know what that stuff is? Then don't bother reading any further, since we require at least minor knowledge of the whole site.

Now many of you may not know what this is from, but you might've heard of it. This site is for the anime/manga known as bleach.

Doesnt ring a bell? Then you might want to go now.

If you would like to join, post here, and I will send you the link, and a small surprise in a p.m.

See ya there.

p.s. im only advertising my site, if you do not like me doing so. then ignore it. or just delete it. i dont really care. just need a couple people to join us...we have 3 people and that is it..

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