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Post by Trevor Grey on Fri Mar 16, 2012 12:03 pm

I get pulled out of the hummer
We take Aaron into a windowless room. "Ok listen kid. Don't talk. You are going to become incredible. Incredibly powerfully, everyone will be jealous. In order to do it though you need to help us, or their will be problems. Understand"
I nod scared. Not sure of I even had an option
I nod to another white coat, who pressed a button and the chair Aaron is sitting in locks him to it. "Don't worry this will only hurt a lot." I laugh at the other white coats
*testing w/ screams for the next two hours"
I wake up in the same window less room.
"Ok kid listen up"
I turn to see the white coat
"The freak, Subject 12 or as you know him Trevor, is a time bomb and is a risk to society. We need to you to bring him back here or eliminate him. If you don't all your family from that cavern, will die. That includes yours fiance"
I nod gulping. I had to this.
"We gave you some improvements as we promised. Make us pround" I punch Aaron in the face
Im knocked out


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