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Little Talk's Charries Aelia
{Aelia Lorane Revant}
"What I mean is, all I need is,
Just a little emotion.
Cause all I see is you not feeling,
And you're giving me nothing nice.
I tried to do you right, why'd you have to go and turn to ice."

Hi, My Name Is
    Name and Nicknames:
    Aelia Lorane Ravent has no preferred nicknames, although sometimes people have called her Aelie. Aelia tends to not respond to this, unless she's very annoyed. If she doesn't want someone to know her real name, she'll tell them her name is Alice Liddell, which she believed her name to be when she was younger and read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland for the first time.

    Age and Birthday:
    Born on October ninth, 1992, Aelia is nineteen years of age.

    Unless there is something seriously wrong with my vision, Aelia is a female.

    Life experience (time spent outside of The School):
    For five and a half years Aelia has been away from The School, trying to stay undercover and undiscovered.

I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?
    Aelia is rather tall, standing at a full height of five feet and eight inches. When she reached her adult height, the scientists were a bit shocked, due to the fact that her birth parents were rather short. Her mother stood at a short height of five feet and four inches, her father was only half an inch taller than her mother.

    Aelia has wavy, blonde hair that goes down a bit past her shoulders. Instead of her hair being a strong, golden blonde, Aelia's hair is a dull, yellow-white blonde color. Aelia's hair always looks messy, but it's more of a cute messy, due to the fact that she brushes it, then promptly messes her hair back up as soon as she's done. She also wears those clip-in feathers, but not all of the time. Sometimes she'll get frustrated with them, which results in her flinging them across whatever room she's managed to find for the night, before rummaging around in whatever it was that she saw them land in when she threw them, whether it was trash or a pile of dirty clothes.

    Aelia's eyes are narrow, but not very narrow. When she found out that she was part feline, this confused her, seeing as cats have rounder eyes. She had also expected her eyes to be more yellow or green, seeing as the only cats she had seen had very round eyes that were either bright yellow or bright green, and she didn't understand that some cats have other colors for their eyes. What really happened to her eyes is that her mother's eyes were gray, and her father's were blue. The genes that were mixed with hers belonged to a cheetah with green eyes. Instead of the color with the dominant genes being her eye color, all of the colors mixed into a blend, if not a bit more grey than all of the other colors.

    To celebrate her escape from the School, Aelia got a nose piercing. She started out with a simple, silver nose ring, although she know has a diamond stud.

    Aelia has no tattoos, although she's been considering getting one.

    Distinguishing features:
    One distinguishing feature of Aelia's are the two stripes on her cheek. The stripes are a reddish-brown color, and she always says that they're birth marks. Aelia's convinced they they're a result of being a hybrid of a cheetah and a human, and they've just faded a bit from their original black color.

    Aelia has a kind of indie-ish style. She wears shirts like the one in the picture, she wears a ton of jewelry, and she'll wear either a skirt, a skirt with leggings, or old jeans. Most of the time she wears leg warmers, or above the knee socks all bunched up.

At Least I'm Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)
    Aelia absolutely loves yarn. When there's yarn around, Aelia is never bored. She also ends up wrapped up in yarn. She also loves birds, but more in the sense that she loves to try and catch them. She likes dull colors and faded lights, which makes it kind of odd that she loves fireworks. Over the years she's grown to love loud music, which she can use to block out sudden, loud noises.

    Aelia absolutely hates balls, of any kind. Rubber, bouncy, metal, bowling, she just hates them, unless it's a ball of yarn. She also hates very tight and cramped places, because she feels like she can't breath. She dislikes bright lights being shined in her face. She has a complete dislike of fighting, and she tries to avoid it as much as possible. She also hates loud and sudden noises. She prefers expected loud noises.

    Aelia is very good at running, being part cheetah. She's also a very fast learner. Due to having to go through torturous experiments at the School, she learned to endure pain, and she now has a high pain tolerance. She's also very good at lying.

    Aelia is horrible at telling when she's in such danger that she has to fight, because she hates fighting. She doesn't know when enough is enough, and she'll toy with people's emotions for endless amounts of time. She also can never pass up a challenge. Whenever someone says that they can do something better than she can, she just has to try and be better at it than them. If she isn't, she'll sulk four days on end about it, feeling ashamed.

    Her main fear is that one day, a ball will kill her, which she sums up to a cat thing. She's also afraid that she'll end up hurting someone when she shakes their hand, because she's afraid her claws might come out, so she rarely ever shakes hands with someone.

    Aelia's main secret is, naturally, that she's part cheetah and she was actually raised in a lab. On top of that, she doesn't want anyone to find out how she escaped from the lab if they were to find out she escaped.
    Her other secret is less glamorous. It's that she enjoys chasing rats, and killing them if she can.

    Aelia's dreams are kind of hard to understand. She may say one thing, but she usually means something else. Her main dream is become a celebrity, but what she actually means by that is that the world finds out about who she is and what was done to her, and she's famous for bringing down the School and their evil experiments.

    Aelia is very indecisive (SHE CAN'T DECIIIIDE SHE KEEPS ON LOOOKIIIING FROM LEFT TO RIIIIGHT). She'll spend ten minutes to an hour picking what to wear, whether she should put in her silver nose ring or her diamond stud, or if she should just leave the piercing all together and go natural. Sometimes she even has trouble choosing who she will be, which leads us to another of her quirks; Aelia is constantly changing herself, kind of relating to the first quirk. She changes her clothes, her accent, her attitude, it can change with the drop of a hat. She also enjoys toying with people's emotions, which she's never seen any problem in, but everyone else says that it isn't okay.

    Aelia has an odd personality, and it's full of quirks. For one thing, she's very eccentric. Chasing birds even though she can't fly? Awesome! Destroying rubber balls? Sign her up! Playing with yarn? Sounds great! She'll do almost anything that involves moving around a lot. She also has a very difficult time deciding on what she should or shouldn't do. She'll spend about an hour before dinner trying to decide what to eat. She'll stay up all night trying to decide what to dream. Aelia can also be quite jumpy when it comes to loud noises, unless she's expecting them. She loves fireworks, and she always has some with her, including a lighter. Many people don't understand why she does this, to which she says, "F*** off!*"

Family Portrait
    Nationalities: Aelia is from America, the same School that Max and the rest of the Flock came from, although she's never seen any of them. She speaks English, although she's learned to speak Spanish after she left the School.
    Aelia was born in Texas, although she never knew that. The only place she even knew was the School.

    As mentioned many times before Aelia grew up in the School.

    Aelia's birth father's name was Craig Revant, and he was twenty seven when Aelia was born. His occupation was a doctor, although he didn't deliver babies. When Aelia was born, he though that she looked perfectly fine, but he was told that something had happened when they were cleaning her, which wasn't far from the truth. When they took Aelia back, she unknowingly let her claws out. The School had secretly injected the genes of a cheetah into the baby while she was in the womb, using a doctor who had sneaked in, pretending to be a different doctor. Right now he is forty three.

    Aelia's mother was born Grace Tial, but she died as Grace Revant. It turns out that the doctors had missed something, and it wasn't safe for her to deliver a second child. She did, anyways, and died soon after at a young age of thirty five.

    Aelia has one sibling, although she has no idea who he was. His name is Ethane Wellington Revant, although he's always been called Well. Well is nine years of age.

    Aelia does not have a pet. For a while she tried to have a pet bird, but she soon found that was a difficult task, seeing as the feathers were just so pretty...the colors were so tempting...

    When Aelia was born, her parents were told that something had happened and she wasn't deemed a safe baby, so they took her away from them. While this caused outrage in the Revant family, nothing was done to find their poor child.

    Aelia, meanwhile, grew up in the School. For a while, she had thought that all children were special in their own way, like she was part cat. She thought that when she finally could leave, she'd be greeted by a whole roomful of feline-human hybrids who all needed to have their hands strapped down when they were young so they wouldn't hurt themselves, but she soon realized that this was not the case.

    When Aelia realized this, she was infuriated. She felt like she had been cheated, which, in a way, she had been. She wouldn't leave the School unless she dies first, or unless someone found out about her and decided to put her in a zoo, an exciting place she had learned about in the books the Friendly Scientist would read to her when no one was around. Those were the moments she lived for, when the Friendly Scientist came. She had no name for her, just the Friendly Scientist. The Friendly Scientist would bring Aelia many things, like toys, especially string, books, and yummy food. The Friendly Scientist would read to Aelia, and soon she taught Aelia to read.

    As soon as the Friendly Scientist deemed it was time, she told Aelia that she would help her escape. They would plan for hours in the dead of night, when nobody else was there. Aelia constantly asked why they didn't leave then, but the Friendly Scientist always avoided the question.

    On the day they had decided, Aelia was to break out of the cage with her claws, cutting through the metal. The Friendly Scientist would leave clues for Aelia, and Aelia would follow them to the final door that would let her out, which the Friendly Scientist would leave unlocked. Then she would run as fast as she could until she reached the car, and the Friendly Scientist would drive away, taking her to a secret location.

    That night, Aelia did exactly as they planned, but things didn't go as planned. There were some Erasers patrolling the grounds, and they followed Aelia. Aelia could outrun them, but they were still awfully fast. Plus, they had guns, which Aelia knew about because of her books.

    When they shot at her, the main thing that scared her was the noise. She knew she had to keep running, but she wanted to stop because of the noise, it was that loud. Still, she kept running until she got to the car, and then she flung the window open and threw herself into the seat. Then they sped off.

    For two years, the Friendly Scientist stayed with Aelia. She never told Aelia her name, she just told Aelia to call her Auntie. Auntie was old enough to retire, and the day she had saved Aelia from the School was the day that she retired. They lived in Auntie's apartment in LA, and Auntie home schooled Aelia, just to keep people away. Aelia learned very quickly, and she was even far ahead of where she should be.

    Auntie never told Aelia her name, and she didn't stay with her for longer than two years, which was how long she told Aelia she would stay with her. One day Auntie told Aelia it was time for her to leave, and she just simply left. That was the day Auntie was scheduled to go to a retirement home. Aelia had a drivers licence, she had completed school in five years, due to the fact that Auntie had secretly been teaching her at the School, and the fact that Aelia was a very fast learned. Auntie just left Aelia a couple of fake ID's, but and Aelia had her real one, too. There were several fake drivers licences with names matching those on the fake ID's. She had plenty of money and several credit cards, too.

    Soon, Aelia drove all the way across the US, to New York City. She bought an apartment with one of the IDs, which is where she lives right now.

    Scientific mutation:
    Aelia's mutation is that she is three percent cat, a cheetah to be specific. The results of this are that she has retractable claws and she can run awfully fast. She also has an odd attraction to string, and she's convinced that all balls are evil and trying to kill her. Her claws are razor sharp and can cut through nearly anything, although she prefers to use them only on balls and Erasers. If anyone or anything else seems to be a threat, she'll use her claws, but that doesn't mean she enjoys it.

    Special talents:
    Aelia can run awfully fast, although she doesn't consider this a special talent, seeing as she's part cheetah. Aelia can communicate with people via mind, thinking of one thing and making it pop into someone's head. The other person can also send thoughts back to her, but her mind can only scan thoughts that were meant for her.

    Role Play example:
    Aelia could clearly remember the night she left the school, although she didn't want to talk about it right now. What she wanted to talk about was the evilness of balls, or how tempting those fluttery wings of birds were, especially humming birds. Oh, how she would love to catch one of those suckers.

    But instead, she was sitting at a table in the attic of a coffee shop in New York City, someone staring intently at her, asking how she escaped. She didn't know how this person had found out about her, or how they knew her name for that matter, so she voiced that.
    "How do you know my name? How do you know where I'm from?"

    The person chuckled and said simply, "Just answer the question, Aelia. That's all I'm asking." They had this stupidly smug smile on their face that infuriated Aelia so much that she wanted to slash it up with her claws, but she knew that wouldn't do anything.

    "A lady helped me. And before you ask, I don't know her name. She unlocked the door, I opened the cage, she drove me to LA, blah, blah, blah. Now if you'll excuse me, I have places to be." She knew that was a lie. She didn't have places to be, not really, but does that really matter? In her mind, it didn't, so she left it at that as she stood up.

    "I believe I'll be needing more information that that," the man with the stupid smile said, although the stupid smile was gone, now that he saw things weren't going his way. Aelia could tell he didn't enjoy that, it was written all over his face.

    "Look, dude, I said I got things to do!" Aelia said, developing her street voice. She could tell the man was confused by the sudden change of the tone of her voice, which amused her. She enjoyed doing that. "Some ol' man ain't gon' stop me from doin' my stuff," she muttered as she promptly opened the door and stormed out, letting the door slam behind her.
    Any notes:
    She develops fake accents or tones of voice to confuse people.

    Brownie points to anyone who knows at least one of the songs I used without looking them up. Extra brownie points to anyone who can find the Owl City and Justin Bieber ( maybe I like ONE of his songs...) references. The section titled Bangarang is of just any random things that don't really belong anywhere else.

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